Miniature circuit breaker, also known as Micro Circuit Breaker (MCB), is the most widely used terminal protection appliance in building electrical terminal power distribution devices. Changan Electric provide B, C, D three different curve products, Chanan brand MCB is one of your best choices.

A Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) is an important safety measure when it comes to protection of electrical circuits. It is a current sensing device, which can automatically measure and disconnect the circuit whenever a fault occurs in the connected circuit or the current exceeds the rated sensitivity. Chanan brand RCCB is the best RCCB.

A Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker (RCBO) is a critical safety measure when protecting electrical circuits, helps in protecting people and terminal equipment from electrical accidents.

Arc Fault Detection Device use digital electronics to analyses the waveform of an A.C. circuit to detect arc faults. The device continuously monitors the circuit for different variations including the duration of an arc and the waveform. Once the device detects an irregular fault the device trips and disconnects the circuit, reducing the chance of it over heating and potentially causing an electrical fire.

Isolator Switch is a switching / isolation device, intended to disconnect an equipment or electrical Load from the supply. It is an offload device; it can be operated only when the current passing through the circuit is zero. It can be operated only during offload condition. The basic intention behind using an isolator is to ensure safety during maintenance. Before operating an isolator, it must be ensured that the current flowing through the circuit is zero or within safety limits.

Air circuit breaker (ACB), also known as frame circuit breaker, is used to distribute electric energy and protect lines and power equipment from overload, undervoltage, short circuit, etc. 

A magnetic contactor is a device that is powered by magnetism. Used to open and close the contacts in the motor control circuit, may also be called a magnetic switch or a contactor.

Low voltage current transformers are intended for supplying measuring instruments and protection circuits of electrical power devices with a maximum operating voltage of 0.66 kV and frequency of 50/60 Hz. Transformers are supplied with accessories which help to install and secondary terminal cover with possibility of sealing. 

A fuse is a current interrupting device which breaks or opens the circuit by fusing the element when the current in the circuit exceeds a certain value.

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