BH-0.66 I Low voltage current transformer

BH-0.66 Type I current transformer is suitable for indoor use, and is used for measuring or metering current and electric energy in AC circuits with a rated voltage of 0.66kV and below and a rated frequency of 50Hz. It is installed by busbar fixing or bottom plate fixing, and there is a window in the middle of the transformer for single busbar or cable to pass through.
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BH-0.66 I Low voltage current transformer

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1. Application

BH-0.66 I Current Transformer is used in combination with measurement instruments: ammeters, watt-hour meters, measurement units, control relays, etc.


2.1 Secondary current Isn: 5A

2.2 Rated voltage Ue:660 V

2.3 Frequency: 50/60 Hz

2.4 Instrument security factor (FS): 10

2.5 Operating temperature: -5°C to +40°C, humidity <80%

2.6 Standards: IEC 60044-1

2.7 Installation type: busbar or plate fixing


Technical Data

Outline and Dimensions of Installation


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