EU Type Prefabricated Substation

When the EU type substation transformer is a single transformer, there are two 10KV incoming lines, the single transformer is generally 500KVA~800KVA, and the low voltage group outgoing cables are generally 4~6 lines. The two transformers have two 10KV incoming lines, each transformer is 500KVA~800KKVA, and the outgoing cables of the low voltage group are generally 8~12 lines.

The EU type substation is composed of transformers, 10KV ring network switchgear, low-voltage capacitors, low-voltage switches and other main components. It is equivalent to compactly installing the equipment of Type III substation in a metal box, making Type III substation miniaturized.

The noise of EU type substations is comparable to that of Type III and Type I substations; the radiation is lower than that of US type substations, because the transformers of EU type substations are placed in metal boxes for shielding; power distribution automation can be set, not only with Type III substations and the advantages of type I substation, but also the main advantages of American substation.

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