YB6-12/0.4- Prefabricated substation(Box-type)

YB6-12/0.4- Prefabricated substation(Box-type)

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Product Description

yb6 12 0 4 prefabricated substation box type 1

Product Summary

YB6 prefabricated substation,as an important power supply unit in cable distribution network, is a complete set prefabricatedproduct integrated by high voltage control, protection, transformation and distribution equipment, which is widely used in urban andrural distribution network.

The high voltage load switch and high voltage fuse are placed in the transformer oil, which have two structural forms: share thesame container with the transformer or separate container. The oil tank is fully sealed with oil temperature meter, oil level meter,pressure gauge, pressure release valve, oil discharge valve and other components to monitor the operation of the. transformer. Theproduct is divided into ring network type, terminal type and power supply side. The HV side adopts the pluggable fuse, and the fuse'sfuse does not affect the performance of the transformer oil. According to the different low voltage feeder scheme, products aredivided into standard, enhanced and comprehensive three kinds of shell form, users and design units in the selection, it is moreflexible and more economical.

Environmental Conditions

1.Altitude: No more than 1000m.

2.Ambient Temperature: No more than +40℃ and no less than 45℃.

3.Relative Humidity: the average daily value is no more than 95%, the average monthly value is no more than 90%.

4.Earthquake proof Level: Horizontal Accelerations <0.3g, Vertical Acceleration<0. 15g.

5.Installation Location: Well-ventilation, chemical corrosion and violent vibration for product installed place. Vertical slope of lessthan 3 degrees.

Product Features

1.Compact structure and small volume.It is only about 1/3 of EU type prefabricated substation with same capacity, which greatlyreduce the floor space.

2.Fully. sealed and insulated structure, which protects personal safety reliably.

3.The high voltage connection can be used in the ring network, and also can be used in the terminal, the power supply mode isflexible and the reliability is high.

4.The transformer has excellent performance,with law loss, low noise, low temperature rise, strong overload ability and strong ability toresist short circuit impact.

5.To meet the requirements of all kinds of low voltage feed out, it can be selected according to the scheme and also can be designedby itseilf.

6.The cable joints can be plugged and unplugged with load and play the role of the disconnecting switch.

Technical Parameters

yb6 12 0 4 prefabricated substation box type 2

Schematic diagram of structure

yb6 12 0 4 prefabricated substation box type 3

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