GGD Low Voltage Fixed Type Switchgear

GGD Low Voltage Fixed Type Switchgear

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Product Description

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Product Summary

The GGD low voltage switchgear is applied in power plant, substations, industry and mine corporations, etc.. with rated voltage400V, max operating current 4000A and rated frequency 50/60Hz. It can be applied as power conversion distribution control,distribution and control of power, lighting and power distribution, etc.

The cabinet structure of GGD type adopts the form of general cabinet, the frame is assembled by local welding of cold bendingsection steel, so it is firm and solid.

The parts of the general cabinet are designed according to the principle of module, and have the installation hole with 20mm asthe module, and the common coefficient is high. It can make the factory realize the pre production, not only shortens the productioncycle, but also improves the working efficiency.

Environmental Conditions

1.Installation Site: Indoor

2.Altitude: No more than 2000m.

3.Earthquake Intensity: No more than 8 degrees.

4.Ambient Temperature: No more than +40℃ and no less than - 15℃.Average temperature is no more than +35℃ within 24 hours.

5.Relative Humidity: the average daily value is no more than 95%, the average monthly value is no more than 90%.

6.Installation locations: without fire, explosion danger, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration.

Product Features

1.The frame has sufficient strength and rigidity, Which can withstand the mechanical stress and electrodynamic force generating frominstallation components and short circuit, At the same time it does not affect the performance of the device because of the hoistingand transportation of the device, etc.

2.When the cabinet is designed, the heat dissipation in the operation of the equipment is fully taken into account. There are differentnumber of radiating slots in the upper and lower ends, heat is going up when the electrical components in the cabinet are heating,and is discharged through the top slot, and the cold wind constantly from the bottom slot is supplied into the cabinet, the sealedcabinet body bottom forms a natural ventilation from bottom to top, which achieves the purpose of heat dissipation.

3. The instrument door equipped with the electrical components is connected with the frame with many annealed copper wires. Theinstallation parts in the cabinet are connected to the frame with the knurled screws, and the whole cabinet forms a completegrounding protection circuit.

4.The cabinet cover can be removed if necessary, to facilitate the main bus assembly and adjustment on site. Flying rings areprovided at the four comers of the cabinet top for lifting and shipping.

Technical Parameters

ggd low voltage fixed type switchgear 2

Schematic diagram of structure

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