CAMNS Low Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear

CAMNS Low Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear

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Product Description

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Product Summary

CAMNS low Voltage withdrawable type switchgear is used for conversion, distribution and control of electrical energy of powerdistribution equipment of AC 50~60Hz, 400V. It is mainly used in airports, power plants, substations, petrochemical plants, metallurgicplants, steel plants, transportation energy, light textile and residential districts, high-rise buildings, etc.The switchgear conforms toIEC439, GB/T7251.1 and other professional standard. It uses standard module design, and it can respectively form standard unitssuchas protection,operation,conversi control, regulation, determination and indication. Over 200 types of assembly parts can formframe structures of diferent schemes, and form fixed separation or drawer units. The users can select assemblies arbitrarilyaccording their demands.

Environmental Conditions

1.Installation Site: Indoor

2.Altitude: No more than 2000m.

3.Earthquake Intensity: No more than 8 degrees.

4. Ambient Temperature: No more than +40℃ and no less than - 15℃. Average temperature is no more than + 35℃ within 24 hours.

5.Relative Humidity: the average daily value is no more than 95%, the average monthly value is no more than 90%.

6.Installation locations: without fire, explosion danger, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration.

Product Features

1.The operation of drawer is combined with the control handle. It has simplified the operation, and overcome the shortcomings thatthe operation of traditional MNS cabinet is complicated,

2.The MCC unit has a lot of combinations, with compact structure. The cabinet body can share busbars, which are arranged back toback. A maximum of 36 lops can be assembled for each cabinet.

3.The cabinet body can be arranged back to back or against the wall, which can save installaion space.

4.All of the standard components are selected to facilitate the design of engineering designers.

5.The whole series is standardized, the structure is versatile and the assembly is flexible. can accommodate more units in a cabinet, and it can be freely combined into different types, such as fixed type and drawer type.The same specification drawer unit can be exchanged conveniently.

7.The combination performance is stable and the earth continuity is good.

8.The device has a high continuity and reliability.

9.The product has passed the aseismic, salt fog and EMC electromagnetic compatibility test, and the operation is safe and reliable.

Technical Parameters

camns low voltage withdrawable switchgear 2

Schematic diagram of structure

camns low voltage withdrawable switchgear 3

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