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What is a smart circuit breaker ?

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The intelligent circuit breaker mechanism is located on the front of the circuit breaker. The mechanism adopts a five-bar linkage free release mechanism and is designed in the form of energy storage. During the use of the smart circuit breaker, the mechanism is always in the pre-energy storage position. As long as the circuit breaker receives a closing command, the circuit breaker can be closed instantly. The release of the pre-stored energy is accomplished by a button or a closing electromagnet. The electric transmission mechanism is self-contained, and the energy storage shaft and the main shaft are movably connected through a concave-convex wedge, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly.

Intelligent circuit breakers are used to control and protect low-voltage power distribution networks. Smart circuit breakers are generally installed in the low-voltage power distribution DW45 universal circuit breaker cabinet as the main switch for overall protection. The technical performance of DW45 universal circuit breaker has reached the international advanced level of the same type of products.

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