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What is a fully insulated inflatable cabinet?

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The fully insulated is to seal the 10KV primary charged high-voltage components such as busbars, circuit breakers, isolating switches, transformers, etc. in a lower pressure (0.1~0.5mpa) sf6 gas, using the chemical of inert gas when sulfur hexafluoride gas is used. Nature, strong stability, strong insulation, suitable for arc extinguishing characteristics.
The gas-filled cabinet is a new generation of switchgear in recent years. The main switch can be either a permanent magnet mechanism vacuum circuit breaker or a spring mechanism vacuum circuit breaker. The entire cabinet uses air insulation combined with a sulfur hexafluoride gas compartment, which is compact It can be expanded and is suitable for distribution automation.
The inflatable cabinet brings many advantages, and its biggest advantage is that it is not affected by the external environment, such as condensation, pollution, small animals and chemical substances. Another advantage is that the use of compressed gas for insulation is conducive to the development of miniaturization.
The inflatable cabinet has a good performance oil-free switch, especially a maintenance-free or low-maintenance vacuum switch, which greatly reduces the workload of maintenance and overhaul.

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