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Introduction to Molded Case Circuit Breakers

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Molded case circuit breakers are also called device circuit breakers. All parts are sealed in a plastic case. The auxiliary contacts, undervoltage releases and shunt releases are mostly modularized. Due to the very compact structure, the molded case circuit breaker is basically impossible to repair. It mostly adopts manual operation, and large capacity can choose electric opening and closing. Due to the application of electronic overcurrent releases, molded case circuit breakers can also be divided into two types: A and B. Type B has good three-stage protection characteristics. However, due to price factors, thermal magnetic releases are used. Class A products have a higher market share. Molded case circuit breaker is the contact, arc extinguishing chamber, trip unit and operating mechanism are all installed in a plastic shell, generally does not consider maintenance, suitable for branch circuit protection switch, overcurrent release has thermomagnetic There are two types of type and electronic type. Generally, the thermal magnetic molded case circuit breaker is a non-selective circuit breaker, and only has two protection methods: overload long delay and short circuit instantaneous protection. Electronic molded case circuit breakers have overload long delay and short short circuit. Four protection functions: time delay, instantaneous short circuit and ground fault. Some new products of electronic molded case circuit breakers also have regional selective interlocking functions. Most molded case circuit breakers are manually operated, and some have motor operating mechanisms

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