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Why does the low-voltage circuit breaker fail to operate

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Why does the low-voltage circuit breaker fail to operate

The operation failure of the low-voltage circuit breaker is manifested by dragging or misoperation of the circuit breaker. Because the most basic and important function of a high-voltage circuit breaker is to act correctly and quickly remove grid faults. If the circuit breaker is dragged or moved incorrectly, it will pose a serious threat to the power grid. The main reasons are: ①Expanding the scope of the accident may cause the originally only one circuit fault to be expanded to the entire bus, or even the entire plant and the entire plant will be out of power; ②If it is extended The fault removal time will affect the stability of the system and increase the damage of the controlled equipment; ③cause non-full-phase operation. As a result, it often leads to abnormal operation of the power grid protection and oscillation, which is easy to expand into a system accident or a large-scale blackout.

The main reasons for the failure of operation are:

  1. Defects of operating mechanism;
  2. Mechanical defects of the circuit breaker body;
  3. Operation (control) power supply defect.


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