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Introduction of low voltage circuit breaker

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Introduction of low voltage circuit breakerLow-voltage circuit breakers are also called automatic air switches or automatic air circuit breakers, or circuit breakers for short. It is an electrical appliance that not only has the function of a manual switch, but also can automatically protect against loss of voltage, under voltage, overload, and short circuit. It can be used to distribute electric energy, start asynchronous motors infrequently, protect power lines and motors, etc., and automatically cut off the circuit when they have serious overload, short circuit, and undervoltage faults. Its function is equivalent to a fuse switch and Combinations of overheating and underheating relays. Moreover, it is generally not necessary to change parts after breaking the fault current, which has been widely used.

There are many ways to classify low-voltage circuit breakers. According to their use categories, there are selective type (protection device parameters are adjustable) and non-selection type (protection device parameters are not adjustable). According to the arc extinguishing medium, there are air type and vacuum type (currently made in China). Mostly air type). Low-voltage circuit breakers have a large capacity range, the minimum is 4A, and the maximum can reach 5000A. Low-voltage circuit breakers are widely used in low-voltage power distribution systems at all levels of feeder lines, power control of various mechanical equipment and control and protection of power terminals.


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