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A Letter To Customers

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A letter to our customers:

At the beginning of the Chinese New Year Spring Festival, China was shrouded in sudden new coronavirus. This epidemic virus has seriously affected our daily lives, disrupted our normal work and threatened our lives. But under the leadership of our great country, the 1.4 billion Chinese people set off a anti-epidemic sniper war. The Chinese government has protected our lives and homelands with rapid, effective, and humane actions. The anti-epidemic struggle has achieved remarkable results and great success,and received domestic and foreign recognition.

Although the coronavirus epidemic brought inconvenience to our lives and work, with the care and support of the society and the government, with the help of foreign friends and customers, with the joint efforts of all employees of CHANGAN GROUP,and on the premise of ensuring that the epidemic prevention and control is in place, we have resumed work from February 24th, and provide you with business cooperation, after-sales consulting services, etc. 24 hours online. At present, the supply of main product materials and accessories has been resumed, and the product production line has been partially resumed. We plan to resume production before March 10, 2020. Due to the impact of the epidemic situation, we are deeply regret for customers who have delayed delivery of orders, and we strive to complete the delivery of product orders as soon as possible.

 Each crisis is an opportunity and challenge. In 2020, we will continue to provide services to our customers and provide you with all the help what we can. Thanks again for the trust and support to all our customers. Along the way, rain or shine, thank you for staying with us! Your health and safety are our most important concerns. Because of your love, we can overcome difficulties and move on.

Always for your electricity safety.

Sincerely yours,


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