DFW Cable Distribution Box

DFW Cable Distribution Box

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Product Description

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Product Summary

Our Company's cable distribution box is divided into two types of American and European. This series of cable distribution boxapplied 12kV three pahse AC 50/60Hz system which work as apparatus distribution device. It is widely used in industrial parks,residential areas, business centers, mining areas, airports, railways, port areas, power stations and other distribution networks,especially for urban power grid transformation projects.

Environmental Conditions

1.Altitude: No more than 1000m.

2.Ambient Temperature: No more than +40℃ and no less than 30℃.

3.Relative Humidity: the average daily value is no more than 95%, the average monthly value is no more than 90%.

4. Earthquake proof Level: Horizontal Accelerations <0.3g, Vertical Acceleration<0.15g.

5.Installation Location: Well-ventilation, chemical corrosion and violent vibration for product installed place. Vertical slope of lessthan 3 degrees.

Product Features

1.Fully sealed and insulated structure, which protects personal safety reliably.

2.Outdoor type, dustproof, moistureproof, corrosion resistance and strong environmental adaptability.

3.The combination is flexible, incoming and outgoing lines could be from two to six circuits, meeting a variety of wiring requirements.

4 Small volume, compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple installation and maintenance free.

5.lt could be equipped with live monitor, short circuit indicator and lightening arrester,etc.

Technical Parameters

dfw cable distribution box 2

Schematic diagram of structure

dfw cable distribution box 3

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