EKU4-40Z Plug-in/changeable DC SPD

EKU4-40Z Plug-in/changeable DC SPD

Surge Protection Device
FOB Port
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Product Description

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The function of lightning and surge protection systems is to protect the devices, functional isolations and overvoltage-sensitive consumer equipments of energy distribution systems against all lightning and overvoltage damages.whole building;the outdoor lightning protection system is generally not sufficient to eliminate such malfunctions. At most of types, the defected protection device can be made operative again by changing the damaged insert; these variants are also equipped with both optical operation signal and auxiliary status contact.

Electrical Features 

Model and Specification CAU4-40Z/500 CAU4-40Z/800 CAU4-40Z/1000
Rated Voltage(VDC) 500V 800V 1,000V
Continuous Operation Voltage(VDC) 550V 850V 1,100V
Voltage Protection Level of Up 2.5 3 3.6
Nominal Discharge Current In (8/20μs) 20KA 20KA 20KA
Maximum Discharge Current Imax (8/20μs) 40KA 40KA 40KA
Reaction Time <25ns <25ns <25ns
Width/Pole 18mm 18mm 18mm
Shell Material PBT PBT PBT
Ambient Temperature -40℃-80℃ -40℃-80℃ -40℃-80℃
Fuse or Circuit Breaker Matched 25A 25A 25A
Terminal Specification Line 2.5~35mm2 2.5~35mm2 2.5~35mm2
PE 2.5~35mm2 2.5~35mm2 2.5~35mm2
Signal 1.5mm2 1.5mm2 1.5mm2
No.of Pole V+/PE/V- V+/PE/V- V+/PE/V-
Protection Degree Ip20 Ip20 Ip20
Mounting DIN rail 35mm DIN rail 35mm DIN rail 35mm
Network System PV PV PV
Signal Terminal Available Available Available

Overall and Installation Dimension(mm)

eku4 40z plug in changeable dc spd 2

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