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Insulation accident of low voltage circuit breaker

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Insulation accident of low voltage circuit breaker

Low-voltage circuit breaker insulation accidents can be divided into internal insulation accidents and external insulation accidents. The harm caused by internal insulation accidents is usually greater than that of external insulation.

1. Internal insulation accident

Internal insulation accidents mainly include bushing and current transformer accidents, which are mainly caused by water ingress and damp; secondly, oil quality deterioration and insufficient oil volume.

2. External insulation accident

External insulation accidents are mainly due to flashover and explosion accidents of circuit breakers caused by pollution flashover and lightning strikes. The main cause of pollution flashover is that the leakage distance of the porcelain bottle is small, which is not suitable for use in polluted areas; secondly, oil seepage and oil leakage of circuit breakers make it easy to accumulate dirt on the porcelain skirt and cause flashover.

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